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Douglas Gray Artist

Award-winning artist Douglas Gray, originally from Harrogate began his professional artistic career in illustration, achieving significant success with clients such as Saatchi and Saatchi, Warner Brothers and illustrating book covers for popular authors including Jackie Collins. 

Douglas’s transition into the world of contemporary fine art was a natural progression for him - creating light, mood and atmosphere. His skillful and unique artistic process and his command of oil paint's luminous effect enables him to harness light in all its ever changing forms as it interacts with the surroundings in all too often fleeting moments. Douglas continually explores new ways to capture light in all his works, encapsulating the experience of sunlight, the sensation of sunrise and the multi-hued dusk and dawn.  

Douglas’s ownership of light, atmosphere, place and visual narrative all add up to truly memorable paintings which endorse his ever growing number of collectors worldwide. His private commissions include the illustrious Savoy Hotel in London where his painting entitled ‘Cloudbreak, River Thames’ is on permanent display. 


Quote from Kiaran MacDonald, Former Managing Director of The Savoy Hotel, London


'Claude Monet famously painted several views of the River Thames from his room on the upper floors of The Savoy during his many visits. As part of the recent refurbishment of the River Room, one of The Savoy’s elegant events rooms, we wanted to commission a contemporary, atmospheric view of the Thames using an artist with great traditional skill. Douglas Gray was the perfect choice and we are delighted with the result'. ​ 


Douglas is represented internationally with galleries in the UK, USA, and Europe and he holds an impressive history of important exhibitions which include his popular solo shows.


Savoy Hotel                          

Lord Hague                

General Electric Co            

George Davies Asda Group

Fairmont Group                    

Lord Derwent              

Universal Studios              

Jackie Collins

Howard de Walden                

Nat West Bank             

Saatchi & Saatchi            

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